samedi, janvier 30, 2010

Arty Arches

The Brits love their pantos and I've become very British in that sense because I love to treat the kids to a show over Christmas. During our last holidays in Glasgow, we went to see a funny production of Little Red Riding Hood in The Arches, the theatre set under Central Station. It was very arty and quirky. In true panto's style, LRRH's mother was played by a man, and there were lots of sing-along tunes and hand-made special effects. The Glasgow accent in itself was a hoot !

dimanche, janvier 17, 2010

A step back in time in the Glasgow Necropolis

The Glasgow Necropolis is the cemetery where merchants and industrialists used to be buried back in the 19th century. Its tombstones are beautifully crafted with many details about the life and death of its residents.

It is also incredibly atmospheric. Look at this tree...

dimanche, janvier 10, 2010

White Scotland

Scotland was lucky to experience a White Christmas, then a White Hogmanay, followed by a White January... I guess it doesn't feel so lucky now after weeks and weeks of blizzard, freezing temperatures and blocked roads. Anyway, it was quite nice to build a snowman and throw snowballs while I was over there on holidays. The funny-looking snowman we made in my in-laws' back garden (complete with a carrot for the nose and gravel for the coat) was still there when we left.

Other glimpses of Glasgow covered in snow :

The atmospheric Necropolis

The Cathedral

The Clyde

Happy New Year to all in the blogosphere ;-)